Amazon Price Comparison Tool

Cross helps you find the best Amazon price in the world

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How to set it up

Add to Chrome

Add Cross Extension to your browser using the button above.

Open Amazon

Open any product on any Amazon store website

Compare Prices

Cross will appear directly integrated into Amazon, just below the price tag.

How to use it

The Best Region interface is on the right side of the item below the pricetag. Hover over the Best Region icon to see the price tags from different regions.

Choose your desired currency

Your local currency will be automatically selected as your initial desired currency. You can always quickly and easily choose your desired currency from one of the 14 currencies in the Best Region interface.

Find the Best Region

Compare prices from all 17 Amazon stores in your desired currency. Clicking the Best Price icon will automatically take you to the Amazon store with the lowest price.

Get the Best Possible Amazon Price

Cross is simple to use and completely free. Install it in seconds and start saving today.

Use case 1

Buy from and ship to your non-U.S. address

Use case 2

Buy from another Amazon store and ship internationally to your address

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